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Jason Boche Virtualization Evangelist
Using Rsync and SSH Secure, Unattended File Transfer
Using Rsnapshot and SSH Snapshot backups over SSH
Ansible Splunk Forwarder Installation An Anisble playbook
Ansible Splunk Server Update An Anisble playbook
Splunk Pull Data Get log files out of Splunk
Nagios Splunk License Check A Nagios check written in Perl
SpeedTest Logger For Splunk A script for logging speedtest results for Splunk
Multiple Perl Installations Managing Multiple Perls
Multiple Python Installations Managing Multiple Pythons
Multiple Ruby Installations Managing Multiple Rubys
Cron on Linux Cron usage for FC3
Samba and IPTables Firewall Configuration
Syslog and Windows NTsyslog and Linux
Solaris Package Resources zlib, tcp wrappers, openssl, and openssh
Perl/Tk Sun Keypad Mods Changes in four Tk modules for Sun 10-key pads
Mezzanine Documentation RPM Package Building and Automation
Useful Windows Applications Links To Downloads
HFNetChk Database Tracking Windows Patches
VirusScan FTP Log Database Tracking McAfee Definition Levels
FTP Installs and Yum Updates Patching RPM Based Linux Distributions
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Troy Johnson - Programmer, System Administrator, Consultant
Troy Johnson
Programmer, System Administrator, Consultant