Useful Windows Applications
Collected links for the latest versions of good* Windows software. If your favorite Windows software is similar to those on this list, but isn't listed here, please let me know about it (via the contact info on this page). Also, please let me know if any of these links is redirected or dies and I will correct it as soon as possible.
7-zip An excellent compression/decompression tool.
ActivePerl A Perl programming distribution for Windows and other environments.
ActivePython A Python programming distribution for Windows and other environments.
ActiveTcl A Tcl programming distribution for Windows and other environments.
CamStudio Free streaming computer desktop recording software.
Ninite An automatic software installation and update tool.
AVG Free Antivirus software.
Skype Communication software.
Pidgin Communication software.
Dropbox Online storage software.
Evernote Note taking, storage, and syncronizing software.
WinMerge File comparison and merging software.
Secunia PSI Software inspection security software.
Adaware A spyware removal tool.
Adobe Reader A PDF document viewer.
Apache An excellent web server.
Eclipse An multilanguage editor with emphasis on Java.
Editpad Lite An excellent multifile text editor with an even more capable Pro version.
Evince Evince is a document viewer for pdf, postscript, djvu, tiff and dvi.
Foxit Reader A PDF document reader.
GnuPG A command line public key encryption/decryption tool.
Inno Setup A Windows software package installer creator (ispack.exe is a full installer).
Java Virtual Machine A Java program runner.
Kiwi Syslog A server that collects and logs (and more) syslog messages.
Komodo Edit A multilanguage editor with emphasis on Perl, Python, and Tcl.
mIRC An IRC client.
Mozilla Home of the web browsers Mozilla and Firefox, and the emailer Thunderbird.
Flash Player A player for Flash media files.
Quicktime A player for general and Quicktime media files.
RealPlayer A player for general and Real media files.
Shockwave Player A player for Shockwave media files.
WinAmp A general and MP3 media file player.
MySQL An excellent database server.
NcFTP A scriptable FTP client.
NTsyslog A syslog client that transforms EventLog events into syslog entries and send them to syslog servers.
Open Office An excellent office software (word processor, spreadsheet, presentations) suite.
PDF Creator A PDF file generator installed as a virtual printer.
Putty A GUI and command line SSH client for secure communications and remote control.
StoreGrid A backup system for small peer-to-peer networks, free for 3 or fewer nodes.
Stuffit A compression/decompression tool that also handles Apple formats.
Sysinternals A set of utilities for file, network, process, system, and security information.
TightVNC An efficient remote screen control program.
WinSCP A GUI SCP and SFTP client for secure file transfers.
WinZip A compression/decompression tool.
UnxUtils A set of Unix command line utilities.
Wireshark Network protocol analyzer.
NetScanTools Collected network scanning applications.
Arduino Editor and programmer for Arduino hardware.
Corona Labs Android and iOS development platform.
Audacity Sound recording and editing.
ImgBurn Disc burning software.
VLC Media player.
* I have a bias towards software lacking costly licensing and distribution issues, and that is reflected here.