The Description: this simply blinks the LEDs in the 10 segment display in order at a frequency that depends on the measured output of the potentiometer.
It might look cooler without all the wires hanging out, but those are the only wires I have, and I have four breadboards, but they are all minis (like this one).
The Code: TenGauge3.txt
The Movie: CrazyBlink1.wmv
The Bread Board Layout [1]:

The Schematic Diagram [1]:

The Notes: I have read that this should not be done this way: each LED should have it's own resistor between its cathode and ground.
As I understand it, this is done to protect any LED that may provide less resistence than the other LEDs.
Such an LED would get a higher voltage flowing over it, possibly burning it out, shortening its life, or leaving the other LEDs underpowered and dim.
That way you could have more than one LED on at a time (which this program does not do).
[1] Produced by the Fritzing program.