HFNetChk Perl Database

This is just some easy windows Perl stuff that pulls info from HFNetChk and puts it into a DBF database. It uses DBI, so changing database backends is easy.


Activestate ActivePerl is the most popular way of running Perl on Windows. Maximum power, minimum price. For Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3.

HFNetChk is the free command-line patch checker tool from Shavlik Technologies. A new version should available here soon. Fun for the whole family. For Windows NT/2K/XP.


HFNetChk Perl DB ZIP File is an archive of perl scripts an a CMD file to install the necessary Perl modules (DBI and DBD::XBase).

HFNetChk Perl DB EXE File is an low budget installer that puts things in the HFNetChk directory and runs the Perl module installer CMD file.


hfnc.pl takes the output from HFNetChk.exe and creates a custom report and a comma delimited data files suitable for loading a database.

hfnc_db.pl takes the output from HFNetChk.exe and inserts selected data into a dBase database.

hfnc_db_dump.pl prints out the contents of the dBase database created and populated by hfnc_db.pl.

perl_modules.cmd Checks for installation of HFNetChk and Perl, then installs necessary modules. An internet connection is necessary for this to work.

Troy Johnson www.jdmz.net